Happy Hour 2019

Four individuals pictures of party goers enjoying themselves at The Field House during Disability Pride Happy Hour.  

Take A Look at This Heart screening June 13, 2019

Cover of Movie, Ben Duffy kneeling beside woman in wheelchair touching happily. Background is yellow with black graphics with pink writing, Take a Look at This Heart, and red misc writing.

Couple on bench kissing while someone is taking their picture.

Director Ben Duffy with Vicki Landers, President of DPP Inc. and Marcia Martin, VP of Gateway Health

Volunteers with Ernie Matthews handing out water, popcorn, and condoms!!

Let's Talk about Disabled Sex, YES We have IT!

Let’s Talk about Disabled Sex was full day workshop geared towards people with disabilities, but this is an inclusive day. The morning was focused on participants working in groups to explore anatomy, LGBTQIA+ terminology, sexual health, HIV/AIDS, and STD/STI prevention. The afternoon were two panel discussions,

 Consent and Media (mis)Representation of Disability and Sex. The last workshop was provided by Sexploratorium/Passionale Boutique. They presented participants with adult toys and gear that can be used to have more pleasurable sex, and open discussion of how to use them. Lunch was included.  #disabledsextalk1 


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1st Annual Art Day

 "Let's get Decorated for PRIDE" 

We had a great day making "What PRIDE means to me" flags and posters. Thank you to everyone that came and made this a day we will continue!

June 16, 2017...Philadelphia Premiere on "Defiant Lives" by Sarah Burton

2017 Disability Pride Parade

This year's parade was the largest yet! Thank you to everyone that came out and marched with us from the National Constitution Center to City Hall.